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Day 12 - Having Internet. Having the opportunity to learn about almost anything that comes to mind; an almost-infinite library. You can use it for so many things, whether it’s talking to people, buying things, learning, entertainment, and numerous other things. Without it things are much harder to do. 

The Devin Townsend Project: Ghost

This is probably one of the most chill albums I’ve heard that isn’t just ambient. I heard this back in 2012 and I used to listen to it constantly whenever I was feeling stressed, which if you read my last music review you can see how I definitely listened to this a lot. 

I remember one time I had gone to see Lamb of God live, and by the end of the concert I was so worn out, I just simply did not want to listen to anymore metal; I rarely do after metal concerts. With that in mind, I played this all the way home, and then fell asleep to it that night, and it was the most intense feeling of peace I ever felt. As I was falling asleep, absolutely nothing mattered, and I woke up more well-rested than I ever had before. Nowadays it’s a little hard to listen to because it’s kind of bittersweet due to past situations, so it doesn’t relax me as much as it used to, but over time the effect will wear off and it’ll go back to being my all-time favorite relaxation album. 

Another memory I remember is driving with some people I used to hang out with one night, and most people expect me to play blaring metal whenever we’re in my car, however at night I’m more inclined to listen to some acoustic stuff or some ambient, so when I played this, one guy was really surprised as he said, “This wasn’t at all what I expected, this is actually really chill.” I told him, “Well yeah, I have other tastes besides JUST metal. I’m more well-rounded than that and open to other things.” He told me how that was really cool and stuff, and honestly it made me feel good about myself, because that was one of the first times I had, in a way, opened myself up a bit to anyone since a few years before then. 

Honestly I think this album would be really helpful for people who simply have trouble sleeping. The background ambient noises that go on behind the music create a really nice “white noise” sound that begins to sound heavenly as you go into that state where you’re not quite awake but not quite asleep. 

I don’t really have any favorite songs off this album simply because it’s kind of like one giant continuous song, so if I were to recommend anything I’d just have to tell you to listen to the entire album. 

Of Mice & Men: The Flood

Ok so I heard this album back in 2012. I was about a month away from turning 18. Honestly there’s nothing that’s really unique about this album besides the fact that Shayley’s vocals are somewhat odd sounding, however I won’t deny that it DOES make his vocals stand out from your regular pop-punk-ish clean vocals. 

However, what made me listen to this album nearly over a hundred times was my situation at the time. I met a girl and I got her to date me, albeit we only lasted a week, but because of the circumstances that’s all that I needed in order to feel like complete shit. You see it goes back to a time before this where I was in a situation which led me to become really vulnerable, and more emotional, during the winter. Well in Florida it’s pretty much hot all the time, and yet for one October weekend it was quite cold, therefore when I asked this girl to date me, I was in that vulnerable state.

It was really unusual that it was so cold for merely 2 days. I’m sure it was just a cold front, but for it to happen on that weekend on that very night I met up with her feels more than coincidental. When we broke up, it actually wasn’t because we disliked/hated each other, so we remained friends for a while. This lead to the events of me feeling really suicidal. One night I couldn’t handle it anymore so I self-harmed and then hung myself in my closet. I got a very small taste of death. Everything kind of just fades away, you begin to lose your hearing, your sight, and eventually the pressure on your neck disappears as well. 

I came to on the edge of my bed. My parents had found me and the shelf had collapsed. Life went on and I got a bit better, although I’m certain I’ll never fear death anymore than I would going to an unknown destination on Earth, because as far as I’m concerned that’s all it really is. 

Well, to this day in 2014 I still get those October chills anytime I hear this album. In all honesty I wish it never happened. All the pain and suffering was not worth a few days of sheer happiness and bliss on top of the fact that this album will now always be important to me in a bittersweet kind of way. 

My favorite songs, or at least the ones most important to me, are “Let Live”, “My Understandings”, “Purified”, “Product of a Murderer”, and “When You Can’t Sleep At Night”. 

Music “Reviews”

I listen to a lot of bands, and music’s a huge part of my life. It gives me something to compliment each mood I’m in, so that no matter how I’m feeling, I can at least feel a slight sense of release that I don’t quite feel when surrounded by just background noises. However, I never seem to talk about any of it. It’s always on the surface of “yeah, I listen to <insert band>” and that’s it. So I’m gonna start posting albums and “reviewing” them. By that I mean I’ll tell you what I think about it, but I’ll also be talking about myself and how/where/etc I was when this album was in my life. 

Expect stuff soon!

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